Must-Visit Bali Destinations for the First Timer

Bali is well-known as one of the best places in the world to spend your holiday. This island is a paradise for those who are visiting and enjoying all the beautiful natural objects. For those who are going to visit this island for the first time, then you will need the Bali Travel Guide just to make you feel easier to visit every interesting attraction there.

Bali Offers You Thousands of Attractions

In Bali, you can feel lots of attractions that make you fully satisfied to spend all your holiday here. In the morning, then you can go enjoying several natural objects which makes you get relaxed and fresh. Then, in the afternoon, you can enjoy beautiful beaches like sunbathing or surfing. Also, when the night comes, Bali’s nightlife should never be out of your bucket list.

Then, what are the destinations that you should visit in Bali? Simply, the answer is Bali offers you thousands of attractions that it has. You can just only choose the things that you like and the places where the tourist like to visit them for the most.

Places You Must Visit

For the first timer to Bali, there are several cool and attractive destinations that should be listed on your travel itinerary:

  • Beautiful Beaches

It is not in Bali if you do not enjoy the beaches. There are 3 recommended beaches that you have to visit. They are Blue Lagoon Beach, Tegal Wangi Beach, Nusa Penida. If you typically like to enjoy the water, you can do snorkeling in Blue Lagoon Beach. The water is so good and you can see the sea creatures inside the water. Then, if you like to do something which triggers your adrenaline, surfing is the best thing that you can do. Do not worry for the beginners, there are lots of surfing schools open here before you practice it.

  • Bali Waterfalls

Another Bali Travel Guide that will give you such a good time is enjoying the waterfalls. Visiting the waterfall is a good activity for your holiday. Here you may feel like enjoying the real nature. In Bali, there are two famous waterfalls, they are Tegenungan Falls and Infinity Sekumpul Falls. Here you can enjoy the pure water which comes from the hills or mountain. Also, the interesting thing to do you can do jumping cliff which many people like to do it.

  • Bali Culture

In Bali, your holiday is not only enjoying all the attractive objects, but you can also find out the culture of Bali which many people adore it. It is known that Bali still retains its culture so sacredly. On the other hand, the local people also are open to those who like to know or learn about the culture of Bali. Here, you can also enjoy the cultural sites, such as Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, and Lempuyang Temple.

  • Bali Spa

Besides, Bali is a perfect place for relaxation and refreshing your mind. Then, you should not miss your me time by enjoying the spa. You can feel totally like in paradise, so relaxed and fresh. Enjoying the bath time which is nearby nature, that is perfect!

  • Bali Nightlife

You can start to enjoy the night by having dinner at the side of the beach. That would be perfect if you start this while seeing the sunset. In addition, the nightlife of Bali is so amazing since you can enjoy the club. There are so many clubs open at the night where you can make friends with others. When the night comes, that’s the party begins. Enjoy the music till the dawn.

Well, your holiday must be so fun and perfect in Bali as you can find the attractions, art, culture, and nature in one place. Then, for the accommodation, it is something that you do not have to worry about. You can find so many places to stay during your holiday that fits your budget. In addition, for the transportations, there are so many choices that you can take, but riding a motorcycle is the best.

Hence, those are several things about Bali Travel Guide for those who are going to visit Bali for the first time. Hope you can enjoy all the moments in Bali.