Jakarta Travel Guide Tips and Destinations

Are you planning to spend your holiday in Indonesia? Jakarta can be your first destinations before you visit the other cities. Designed as the capital city of Indonesia, it would be nice for you to spend your holiday in this city. Here you can meet modern and cultural things at the same time which looks so attractive.

Since you are in the capital city of Indonesia, the first thing that you can find it easy is about accommodation and transportation. Here you can meet so many hotels that you can select based on your budget starting from the luxury hotels up to the budget hotel. All are available. Then, what about ttransportation? Well, it is completely easy. You can take the connected train from the airport to the final train station in the city center once you come to Jakarta.

In addition, for daily transportation, there are several choices that you can take. You can take the bus and MRT as public transportation. Then, if you like to have another choice, you can take a taxi or online-based transportations that you can access from the apps.

The Destinations You Can Visit

Then, what are the destinations that you should visit during your time in Jakarta? The answer is a lot. Here are several recommendations for you to visit some places in Jakarta.

  • National Monument (Monas)

It comes as the landmark of Jakarta, so it would be good for you to visit this place. This monument comes as a tower with 132 m where you can find out the history of Indonesia to be independent. You have two choices to visit this place. The first one is on the weekend since it is the car-free day, but it would be more crowded than the weekdays. The second one is on a weekday if you like to fully enjoy the place.

  • Museum Visit

Jakarta offers you so many museums that you can visit. Moreover, the places are near each other and also you can take the tourism bus for free to get you there. There are several museums, such as, Museum Nasional, Museum Fatahilah, and Museum Bank Indonesia.

  • Amusement Park

In Jakarta, you can also enjoy the amusement park which is called Dunia Fantasi. It is located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, here you can also enjoy your time at the beach.

Things that You Should Know

In order to visit Jakarta for your holiday, it is good for you to pay attention to several things. This is for your convenience during your holiday.

  • It is recommended to visit Jakarta during the dry season as it enables you to go to every destination freely. If you come to this city during the rainy season, it is a bit risky.
  • Walking around the city is preferred if the destinations are close to each other. However, if you like to go to some places, it is better to check whether it is the traffic jam area. Considering the traffic jam, you can avoid that by finding out the ‘loose’ time.
  • Always bring sunblock before you go out. Jakarta is quite hot as the same as Bangkok, so it is good for you to give the sun protection to your skin.

Hence, those are several destinations in Jakarta that you can visit to spend your holiday. You can find things which are more than your expectation. Jakarta is a good place for you to find entertainment and find out the history of Indonesia. Both the modern and cultural things are well mixed here which makes this city more unique and attractive. Go spend your holiday in Jakarta!